Thursday, 24 July 2014

Introspection and 13 lessons from Africa (so far):

1) Now I know how precious clean water is...when we went without. 

2) Now I know patience is a virtue...and also a common female name.
3) Now I know true friends are hard to find...and harder to hold on to.
4) Now I know internet is a human right...because it's the world to me.
5) Now I know health is important...because, well, malaria.
6) Now I know pets don't just change your life...they improve it.
7) Now I know why politicians's a boot sector corrupt error.
8) Now I know I can't change the world...but I can change me.
9) Now I know what real beauty is...when I've seen what it isn't.
10) Now I know true grit is possible... as I do the impossible.
11) Now I know I am capable of more...and only I can hold me back.
12) Now I know I don't miss Singapore... Singapore's been missing me.

13) Now I know a strong partner in life is crucial...and she keeps me fighting, scrapping, pushing and achieving for more.